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It's not every day I stumble across a new obsession.  Luckily, Body and Eden tonics and elixirs came into my world last week...and I'm hooked.

Not only is their tagline "nourish yourself" -- could it be anymore fitting?! -- but these drinks blend organic fruits and veg with precisely paired superfoods and herbal infusions.  The tonics and elixirs are a refreshing take on the array of calorie-heavy and sugary-sweet juices and smoothies offered by many of the "cleanses" and "detoxes" out on the market.  Founders Aubrey Levitt and Hillary Deppeler wanted to create something that wasn't intended to be another cleanse, but to simply provide a nourishing, nutrient-packed boost to your everyday routine.  And let me tell you, they've hit gold with their seasonal, organic custom blends via local farmers (NYC and LA areas).  As someone who's always been a bit skeptical of green juices (I prefer to chew my kale and spinach most of the time), these tonics and elixirs rock.  Drop dead delicious taste, low calorie (bottles range from 20 to 60 calories), low sugar to keep your energy levels stable, and they just make you feel good, can't get much better than that.  Actually you can, they're packaged in sleek, vintagey apothecary jars and are perfectly portioned.  Return the jar, reuse, revive and repeat.  The drinks are worth every penny in my opinion and they're hot off the presses, literally, just in time for spring.  

*Deliveries available in NYC and LA and soon to be stocked at Marlow & Sons in BK.

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posted: 03.08.12

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