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I've been ready to return to Asheville, a cozy, cultured town tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina, since, oh...about 24 hours since returning from my first trip there last October.  It's no wonder the town has gotten such incredible press in recent years - an incredible food scene, a thriving art community, breathtaking moutainous scenery, some of the best antiquing I've ever laid eyes on, the Biltmore house, and a pretty phenomenal standard of living.  Oh, and one very exceptional kindred spirit, my good friend and creative goddess Jen Altman - and her wonderful family, including 3 gorgeous girls who could whip you into shape and wrap you around their fingers all at once.  So when Jen's photography was recently featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine, I couldn't help but be transplanted back to the calm, rustic beauty that's Asheville.  Helps that the spread highlighted various Asheville hot spots, no doubt a collective of Jen's favorites, many of which I've been to or heard of thanks to her.  Thankfully I have good reason to return to Asheville in the next month or so.  

Until then, magazine clippings and memories will have to suffice.  And some serious oogling over Jen's recently launched drop-dead amazing site, Cisthene, a jewelry and apothecary fiend's mecca.  One look at Jen's glittering arms and hands, and it's clear her affections lie with beautiful, unique pieces - her personal jewelry box is unreal, and overflowing.  She's turned her excellent artistic eye into a site that might just heal, inspire, or make you simply shine.  Have at it, it's always a good time to gift something special to yourself...or someone else.   www.cisthene.com

delights from Curate & White Duck Taco
above, a lovely fall salad from The Admiral

may I present Cisthene

beautious bits and bobbles

Photos by Jen Altman and via Cisthene

TAGS: travel, autumn, asheville

posted: 10.10.12

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