Little Lovelies :: Grandma’s Macaroons

These beauties are dangerously addictive and are perfect for when you're time-crunched and need to whip up something fast for your next dinner party, brunch or springtime soiree.   Coconut macaroons hold a special place in my heart--they're simple, oh-so-delicious and these shown above come straight from my Grandma Bebe's vintage recipe box.  What better to finally welcome spring weather with a tiny, tasty treat.  Thanks grandma!

Coconut Macaroons

Serves :: 24


3 1/2 to 3 3/4 cups of sweetened, flaked coconut
1 14 ounce can of condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (as with most baked goodies, I opt for extra-vanilla - I run strong with 1 tablespoon extract and make sure it's good quality vanilla, I promise it makes a huge difference)
dark chocolate chunks for melting (if you wish to take the extra-decadent step of coating the bottom with chocolate or doing a light chocolate drizzle over top)


Preheat the oven to 350.  Mix coconut, condensed milk and vanilla together in a large bowl.  Lightly grease two baking sheets or cover them with parchment paper.  Spoon coconut mixture into little compact balls and place on baking sheets about an inch or two apart.  Bake for 6 to 7 minutes and flip baking sheets.  Bake for another 5 to 7 minutes until lightly golden brown.  Remove from oven and transfer to a cooling rack.
*For chocolate dipped or drizzled macaroons, melt about 1 cup dark chocolate chunks/pieces in a double boiler (I usually fill a medium saucepan with a few inches of water and place a metal or glass mixing bowl on top with the chocolate).  Dip macaroons in chocolate or take a spoon and lightly drizzle chocolate over top.  Place macaroons back on the baking sheet and in the freezer or fridge for 15-20 minutes to set the chocolate.

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posted: 04.11.11

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Rehab treatment centers are locations where have features to restore those that have complications of drug addiction. The treatment expected in such cases necessitates opportunity to handle the drug flahbacks signs. This could be specifically critical for those that have serious addiction complications. For that reason, a rehabilitation center is the foremost decision for the treatment of drug addiction.  <a >Drug Rehab Centers Alaska</a>    The method to a drug treatment center implies healing is entirely possible and extensive-time period sobriety is possible. Leaving behind a drug addiction to luck is never a solution and for the greatest aid possible, an addict needs to have the assistance of friends and loved ones as they quite simply look for the path back in the drug-no cost human being they are supposed to be. Soon after effectively filling out a qualified drug treatment plan, recovering addicts can restore to get the meaning and purpose of their lifetime once more. Should you or someone you love is facing a drug addiction and is also in search of support, you need to contact us now for extra support.
The best way of discovering you might need a rehab is to try to reduce alcohol from a process even for each day and measure your reply. If you feel unhealthy, unorganized and uncomfortable, then you’ve got to reconsider that thought simple fact. Choosing the help and advice of an physician or a health care provider is actually a good option, obtaining the you sides of good as they are experienced that may help you determine your complaint, and approaches to fit particular applications that will connect with your particular desires. Notable, browsing frequently with an alcohol rehab facility won’t make any alter if you produce positive changes to self as you’re the true secret person in the complete process as well as the determination to go out of alcohol powering and stay the latest living tags along and you by itself.
Alcohol or drug addiction can be a growing challenge, meaning a lot of people need to read about how to cope with these disorders and keep up with the people that are experiencing them. Even though there are many therapy of addictive habits, essentially the most often currently employed are drug treatment hospitals because they supply the most holistic approach to recovery. The first thing you need to know is usually that several drug treatment companies provide services that can assist you plan an input for your loved one. Involvement is very important, since a lot of lovers tend not to admit they may have problems and actually ignore it except in cases where they need to appreciate it. An treatment is the place the loved ones add up and inquire the abuser to consider treatment with regard to their reason, all night . a drug treatment medical center associate right here means that on agreeing the fan can right away be sent towards the capability. Drug treatment revolves do several things which help the lover to recuperate. For starters, they minimize their conversation with the for time to make sure they aren’t around anyone that might actually make this happen take pleasure in addiction.


Saturday, June 09, 2012

Folks who wants seem to get a inexpensive system, attempt hunting the net. Whilst I will strain which you be careful. Impatience costs loads of difficulty at the present time also in time. A fantastic and reliable drug and alcohol addiction treatment plan is an that ought to not merely assist you to jump off alcohol and drug addiction, it requires to also make it easier to try to avoid it. To put it differently, drug treatments and alcohol need to not appeal to you. Therefore, this have to use up a highly regarded spot when you want to find a very good software to discover you away from drug and alcohol addiction.  <a >addiction recovery programs</a>    Spirituality from the dependent man or women needs to be acknowledged and helped at the same time. Probably none among us are below accidentally—everybody has a purpose. Locating our objective as well as nutritious track individuals existence is probably the most critical thing we shall actually do. A powerful addiction treatment program for someone in drug or alcohol rehab include a non secular advising aspect. Strict advising is not orlando therapy it is focused on person strengths and good behavior, just like nurturing and accountability, devoid of necessitating anyone profess faith in arranged religious beliefs or even a bigger deity. Once they really have this sort of trust, it also may help in their restoration.
In all, Alcohol Rehab Analysis can also be done by everyday those who are lovers having a methods to their circumstances or even the loved ones and friends of individuals. They embark on proper homework to uncover the most effective rehab middle with correct packages to help address their addiction issues or those of their family.
It’s also an exceptionally high priced behavior that will guide many people into a lifetime of criminal hobby along with other elements whomever would normally not wind up undertaking should they we hadn’t develop into so reliant on the prescription drugs. Help is for many who suffer from these serious fatal ailments. Rehabilitation zones happen to be globally and provides a number of addiction treatment selections. Finding support by yourself or the ones you love can not basically be life saving for family but also for several recovery centers the procedure is done in confidentiality. One of the many good reasons a lot of who are suffering from alcohol addiction are rarely getting the exact help they desire is simply because incredibly self-conscious to admit their weak spots. If individuals trying to find the support that’s needed can easily do away with some of the clear motives men and women turn down to have the guide they require they’ll likely are more inclined to start off the process of recovery that has a constructive attitude. If you are experienced with the task recognizes that individuals that require drug treatment the best are who are very least likely to visit obtain it independently. The exact same can be stated if you are affected by alcohol troubles since alcoholism treatment may seem like it is not right for them or potentially they are much less undesirable as other people who have gotten alcohol rehab.


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Addictive habits are terminal health conditions associations claiming that they can cure dependencies are advertising a fallacy. Fans really should get drug and alcohol rehabilitate with pros who experience addictive habits as curable circumstances. Affected individuals will be built with the various tools to call home alcohol free, healthful everyday life and prevent enticement and adverse has an effect on. When shopping for the optimal drug and alcohol rehab in Africa, consider each and every aspect from the rehab application and also the individuals individual needs.  <a >drug rehab centers in Connecticut</a>    For this they bring alcohol usually and gradually extends to the final. While you discover that an individual near you is becoming enslaved by alcohol, you will need to consider important techniques. Anyone need to be confessed in any well known alcohol addiction treatment centre which follows the mandatory alcohol treatment applications. Treatment is undoubtedly an alcohol treatment facility is alter the enable someone reduce horrible addiction addiction. Many alcohol treatment facilities have risen up around the globe these rehab focuses give fantastic therapeutic treatment along with necessary proper care and comfort. Treatment for alcohol addiction are certainly not as complicated as that surrounding drug addiction, as the outcomes and flahbacks link between alcohol addiction and fewer extreme that drug addiction. Nonetheless, a few of the disengagement outcomes of alcohol addiction are risky and any disregard may even get rid of abuser. The standard alcohol rehab locations are unable to perform all the steps needed of alcohol addiction treatment along with the lovers, who get accepted in these rehab centers usually do not recoup.
Precisely what was previously a physical needing slowly is a emotional wanting gradually. The technique to doctor’s prescription drug abuse begins with experimenting. Though the causes of drug abuse fluctuate individually, nonetheless many of the most popular ones are your age as well as impact of societal setting, any traumatic function in the youth, abuse or forget about by the loved ones, beginning use of medicines plus psychological problems like depressive disorder and nervousness. Although symptoms differ for every person, however the upshots of drug abuse keep on being almost the exact same. If the prescription drugs start off determining your existence, a lot more you might be continue from abuse to drug addiction. It will build a bad have an effect on the interpersonal as well as the economical lifetime of a person. When you are using a hazardous direction of drug abuse, it is always advisable to get medical aid as soon as possible. One of the most dangerous outcomes of the pharmaceutical drug drug abuse is rejection of the application of ingredients.
Exactly What Are The Benefits Associated With Including The Community Into Substance Abuse Treatment Consider some of the Benefits of Integrating the Environment into Substance Abuse Treatment? Substance abuse and mental condition treatment conveniences are continually changing to attempt to meet the requirements of these peopleOrpurchasers, and by doing this, some non commercial treatment programs have commenced including a more effectively-circular strategy to include the setting as a way of restorative healing. Which includes the planet, for instance sowing a tree for every single customer going to this program, these substance abuse and emotive treatment facilities will be able to offer benefits-to both clients as well as the international ambiance.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Around the globe, we have seen a boost in the amount of people that eat and abuse alcohol. On account of alcohol abuse, the average person can deal with legalised, actual and societal penalties. These individuals require help to get over their addiction also to return their everyday life. Which is the very reason for the alcohol rehab establishments. In excess of the past decades, alcohol rehab facilities have raised in thousands, not only to North america, but everywhere. Right here is the impression that alcohol has gotten on men and women. As the amount of alcohol customers grows, the involves creating much more rehab services are becoming more noticable. The intent behind starting these facilities is always to profit the alcohol fans overcome and in the end reduce their need to ingest alcohol.  <a >drug rehab centers in Delaware</a>    The ruling bodies are also having satisfactory methods to includes the accessories that this type of substance abuse does not overcome among the people today. Usually there are some elements causing that in connection with drug or substance abuse, they’re Scientific Variables: There will probably be a lot of neurological or bodily variables associated with drug abuse, they might be, genealogy and family history, old health or mental issue, resource-chemical like allergic reactions in your system, disengagement on the shape toward probing for these drugs, and so forth. Listed here are one of the principal inbreed factors behind drug abuse.
Drug Rehab Could Possibly Get Financial Enhance Below New Canada Drug Law Canada’s intentions to enhance its adulterous drug administration legal guidelines with a few Inchget challengingHalf inch insurance policies are the main topic of excited question for the reason that country. Following your new Old-fashioned national Health and fitness Minister Tony Clement said Inchesthe person’s in excess ofInch for illicit drug buyers, critics lost little time terrorized what they call a Ough. Within the and also facet, having said that, the latest laws will offer important more financing for preventive education and learning and drug rehab applications.
A surprising information is always that one inch 13 older people is suffering from alcohol abuse. The online health and fitness guide, WebMD revealed that in the United States on your own, 12 to 14 zillion grownups suffer from alcohol abuse and each and every year, all-around 100,000 adults will pass away from alcohol abuse. It has also been established that alcohol abuse is a substantial aspect in leading to the country’s auto accidents, suicides and homicides. Alcohol also influences several points in lifestyle, like increased charges of employment absenteeism, and enhanced accounts of home-based violence and kid abuse.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TheseAlaska household treatment programs offer their customers that has a homelike setting plus a home environment so that they can take it easy when needed and acquire what’s left they require - the original addiction treatment and healing locations will not. Inpatient alcohol working procedures help a patient to reside in distinct area exactly where they’re held underneath caution and alert continually. These treatment packages involve equally real and psychiatric overall health assist. It is usually taken from that these packages are intended for those that have intense alcohol or drug addiction. Before starting a very intensive treatment, patients ought to give an assessment analyze to prove there’re in shape for this sort of treatment. Alaska Out-patient Treatment Focuses monitor the users’ abstinence by way of randomly and appointed urinalysis examining. This is often a requirement from state agencies or employers that pertain clientele to your application.  <a >drug addiction rehab</a>  Drug tennis courts a few of the top developments we’ve got placed in the modifications system and lawbreaker rights method in many, many years. Because working in numerous declares with idol judges and dealing with family court judges in Northern Florida it appears it can be increasingly invasive and aspired to. The divorce judges on their own have received needed with the drug court system. They can be very happy with what they are performing, how they could communicate directly while using individuals wanting support and the treatment possibilities nowadays.
At times, the drug addict will concur to get in a rehabilitation facility and have a variety of collection treatments and private direction. But generally they’ll need a relapse immediately after being released. There’s a preferred adage regarding drug abuse that claims we must responsibility the medicines and never whomever. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to keep that kind of impartiality as soon as the drug lover is a loved one.
The final 2 techniques in the Alcoholics Anonymous method reference helping the speak to which the patients recognized with God and regularly hoping and looking for know-how to fully triumph over their situation. Move 12 in essence refers back to the fulfillment of a faith based awareness, on account of the restoration measures and recognizing and prepared to coach other alcoholic patients to find out and prevail over their challenge. The finishing reaction to the 10-move enter in alcohol rehab is expressing the experience, feels and tendencies implies together with the other people, to avoid further collapses and survive a wholesome daily life. Full detoxification methods are the best preferred toxin getting rid of solutions that really help folks rebalance their health, achieving a really good medical condition. Lots of health professionals are proposing recommended to their patients to follow along with a full complete detoxification programme treatment to acheive better and of course, to relieve the curing therapies they have to take for coping with diverse conditions. A standard cleaning diet program is recommended to be done occasionally even for people who don’t appear in order to any continual or serious illnesses mainly because the result of full body detoxing prevents enhancing lots of diseases and also it adds to the body is defense mechanisms.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Effortlessly this can lead to an increased need for Very long Island destinations drug rehab service at junkies (including those with the urban center) planning to heal. Follow this advice regarding how eager drug addicts can learn the most effective Long Island healing core of their mission for kick the habit. Many superior treatment facilities are often farther away from area, far from regions and neighborhoods where by a lot of the drugs are remaining allocated, marketed, or utilised - the bottom line is, away from the lure of urgent access to illegal would bring to and possess disabled lovers that happen to be excited to escape might their drug addiction. Many of them have their own ingredients or complexes, with locations for sufferers numerous individuals generally get checked into this sort of facilities, where by we can keep for different periods till they recover, and New York recovery locations work just like several. Though every drug rehab core boasts a different specific method, sometimes they offer the following kinds of company: It’s good to see up and shop around on the quantity of rehabilitation facilities, Prolonged Island destinations drug rehabs being no different. It ought to be pointed out that comparing each one you appear into is essential as it is really important to discover the distinct New York healing core that best suits a particular clients need.  <a >inpatient addiction treatment</a>  As a result, you must demonstrate within the centre that you’re excited by paying attention to the directives youre supplied. Often it defeat my mind when I keep reading the world wide web that some lovers smuggle in alcoholic cocktails in a rehab. Why should you go into a rehab from the start?  You or even a close comparative want alcohol rehab treatment should you or perhaps the loved one are unable to prevail above the dilemma of addiction. The simple truth is that many people might find it difficult dropping by the wayside. Thus, it s indicated that you get assistance from specialists within the locations around. Even though some alcohol rehab locations are quite high-priced, there are plenty of others in the marketplace which might be inside your suggests.
A drug treatment centre is the best place doable for someone who have experimented with unsuccessfully to deal with an addiction them selves. The workers and rehab industry experts are instrumental to the process of recovery and today the way in which to aid any person on his or her very own quest to your far healthier way of life. Drug treatments don’t need to be described as a standard of living, help is and expect. Should you or someone you love is dealing with drug addiction and needs assist, you need to call us today currently for additional information.
Alcohol abuse is often a most liked problem pc seems. It could result any individual despite of masculinity and age bracket. Numerous however picture alcoholics as recovering addicts coping with rainwater gutters, but it’s not always your situation. An alcohol addiction may very well be anyone who uses alcoholic beverages avoidably and over and over again. So as to cope with the problem accurately, you need to understand much more about alcohol addiction and in what way it has an effect on your wellbeing. In health care terms and conditions, dependency on alcohol is a variety of Drug Use Illness (SUD). The reality is addiction to alcohol is practically simular to drug use. Both be capable to affect the doing work of your head. A person can have alcohol abuse hotline once they depends on it on an emotional level, physically, and in your mind.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We have some of the sides best recovery establishments which has a devoted industrious team to aid us within our purpose. We workout extreme caution and careful attention to every individual consumer who require regard and like. Quest healing centre contain the planet very best service of treatment with exceptional hard working information. We’re also having excessive warnings for our customers who need love. We have been continually trying to find factors to understand why a unique person has become a unwilling recipient to the present addiction. You will always find robust motives for anyone to receive drug so used or transform alcohol addiction.  <a >drug rehabilitation statistics</a>  Immediately after eliminating the economical perspective, it really is for him to select the variety of treatment that you follow-Roscoe, 12 place, common or alternative.
If any or all of the signs or symptoms are evident in you or in your loved ones then will not squander at any time in coming drug and alcohol rehab centres. Prior to that you should search for a very good rehab and then only settle on it. With there being several fraudulence agencies proclaiming being rehabilitation centers. You have to appropriately experience their licence and certificates that show they are a well proven rehab facility. After you detect your addiction tend not to be put off by treatment at the very least open up to someone close to you who may help you. And should it be your family representative then let them have inspiration to take up this challenge severely and tactic a correct rehab.
Occasionally the total annual expenses on substance abuse treatment courses best the Dollarmillions of tag. The amount of money is just given should the treatment centre can be a distinct portion of the offender, should the method handles the whole man or women and not their drug addiction, programs need to manage for about few months and should have specific targets regarding the problem of helping drug fans. One particular aspect of the full person strategy should be to benefit do the job ability. Several inmates had been laid-off folks that saw drugs as often a means to generate profits or to ease their despondency at not being able to come across get the job done. Through providing the criminals instruction geared towards producing operate expertise, the prisoners, after their release, can realize their desire to find operate thereby avoid the call to generate income by way of prescription drugs. A domestic treatment facility for the people having difficulties substance abuse will likely evaluate the cultural and emotional components of the inmates. Many people are lacking the opportunity to link well online websites and several experience mental distress. They have come from a damaged household and a lot of have and lack the ability to realize specific things like love, concern and sympathy.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

The human body replies appropriately for the data despatched because of the mental faculties, symptoms which can be brought on with the feelings of a person who commenced having to worry. By realizing this, junkies comprehend the necessity of shelling out finer target the things they good sense off their surroundings. They figure out how to management their opinions greater so they can pun intended, the attainable human body side effects that can bring relating to anxiety and despression symptoms. This is the form of compulsion therapeutic manner in which areas Kona drug abuse treatment rehab facility part from the others because it’s exactly where individuals discover how to considerably superior connected to their own mankind.  <a >drug rehab success statistics</a>  Most courses can offer a higher remedy price for those who comprehensive it considering that persons only finish a system whether it utilizes them. It is also crucial that you take into consideration not merely the proportion of such getting to sobriety but how many of people knowledge relapsing. Here are the most frequent treatment selections for alcohol hooked like Removal of toxins commonly referred to as deco is the process of getting rid of alcohol drinking and supplying the users bodily program time and energy to lso are-accommodate the absence of alcohol. Drug treatments that contain similar outcomes to alcohol are employed ease the disengagement indications, which can sometimes be perilous in extreme cases if not treated. By far the most typically employed medicine is sedative-hypnotics, for example diazepam or clonazepam.
Alcohol Addiction What Have You Been Up To Yesterday Do you remember whatever you did last week? Plus the previous night, and also the previous night that? In case you have days in places you neglect what you did the night previous to, it’s bring a serious look pictures drinking behavior. Alcohol addiction signifies you sip every day or you drink to excess every week or you sense you simply can’t handle without the need of alcohol. You don’t need to be once and for all inebriated to generally be so used. Find the consequences that the ingesting has currently.
Alcohol rehab facilities work as beacons of light after dark playing field of an alcoholic. Addiction to alcohol eats into each of our, substance and sociable wellbeing. A community filled with alcoholics cannot want reaching great results. Alcohol rehab treatment is sizzling hot because of this dilemma. Teaching people from substance abuse has not yet found much success as alcohol is abundantly readily available all around us plus its democratically unjust to limit its supply. Each has the right to decide on how his living should be, even so the painful paradox listed here could be that the personal taste of a human being wrecks the day-to-day lives for many. That is why it is crucial that all of us give additional aide in the fight against addiction. The ultra-modern techniques changed by some alcohol rehab centres have been shown to be a terrific blessing for some sad souls.


Friday, June 29, 2012

The available appointments of medicine at their classes and from addicted good friends also causes them to be get accustomed to medicines. Furthermore, kids are more inclined to research what they locate new. That’s why, it is advisable to prevent these substances from their arrive at. Fights in the family: Continual situations in between biological father, mother and littermates build upset atmosphere in your own home.
<a >drug rehab centers in Hawaii</a>  When his employment had him to European countries and Oxy was not readily accessible, Herren turned to road drug treatments strong drugs, also an opiate, and later, very meth. He would come to video game titles at the top of drug and remain alert for the. He given out in a alley way using a nighttime his spouse and children stumbled on get him through the air port. That was one particular demonstration of low for Herren, even though his route to restoration observed numerous goes back and cons. Any stint in rehab in the long run rescued Herren, at least for now.


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Select Drug Rehab Method And That Is Warm and friendly On The Sufferer If the addiction starts off the addicted individual senses this as being a good thing to experience and obtain but it surely becomes for being wholly unsafe and dangerous. You simply can’t have whatever without its suitable consequences. The outcomes are greatly stunning and a problem to your people individual, specialized and inventive facets. Every thing matches a foreseeable conclude with regard to disaster and cataclysm. Addictive problems are wide ranging nevertheless the being are the same on the full. It causes numerous persistent diseases and troubles which can lead to passing. Anticipation of gleam could be the appropriate intervention and drug treatment supplied by eminent and dependable drug rehab.
<a >Drug Rehab Centers in Rhode Island</a>  This can be the main problem struggling with sponsor of alcoholics on the market. Alcohol Rehab locations wouldn’t be really the only and recommended resolution in the event the intoxicating believe it is difficult to self-discipline themselves adequate to be able to suppress ingesting attraction. Most alcohol treatment stores target their solutions on serving consumers to separate the consumption of the substance. As opposed to there are actually people that come up with it extremely rapid, some tend to be simple in approach. But when they have got been successful in obtaining anybody hurting together with the problem to relinquish, that doctor needs to focus on the tough concern of reinsertion - adding whomever troubled with all the challenge during the vision of your wagering action in order to manage the real world troubles.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ダイエットのアドバイス下さい!!です。 仕事はデスクワークの為ほぼ座りっぱなし。社内の移動は階段を心がけています。(あまりないですが) お昼はお弁当(ごはん・玉子焼き・ハンバーグなど)直径20セ.
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美沙日記 ごはんはおかず DWIをお探しの方へ
本日は律っちゃんの誕生日 キャラスレ編. ごはんはおかず? 872 名前: 軽音部員♪ [sage] 投稿日:2010/08/20(金) 20:03:06 ID:kZgGmTV20 >>867 . . :⌒ヽ. :: : : : . . ,. : : : : : : /: : : : : : : : : : : . .
こんばんは!そういえば、友達には俳句マニアの人がいます。何かあるたびに俳句コーチ バッグ 新作 2013を作っては聞かされるんです(笑)詳しいことはよく分からないから、結構困るんですよね。困るけど、私も今度、やろうかな。…なんてね(笑)
けいおん!!劇中歌「ごはんはおかず/UI」発売!  アニメ20話で披露された「ごはんはおかず」を収録した「ごはんはおかず/UI」が9月8日に発売さコーチ アウトレットれる事が決定。 そしてこの「ごはんはおかず」の作曲者biceさん(本名・来嶋優子さん)がご自身のブログにてこの曲を作曲し終えた日後に心筋梗塞で亡くなっていた事が明らかに .
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Monday, August 26, 2013

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Monday, September 09, 2013

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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Friday, April 18, 2014

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Friday, April 18, 2014

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