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Weekend Wanderlust :: Paris Revival

This post is a few weeks overdue, but anytime is a good time to post about a beloved destination.  I have a handful of international spots that are close to my heart and Paris is certainly on the top of that list.  It's become somewhat of an annual tradition for my girlfriends and I to escape there each Janvier for a long, lesiurely weekend.  Paris in January??  Oui.  But keep this little secret under wraps...cheap flights, open reservations at restaurants, shopping sales...the weather may be freezing cold, but who really cares, you're in Paris!  The city of lights will keep you warm and full of whimsy anytime of year.  Here's a brief pictoral recap.  As always, lots of luscious seasonally-driven food, wine, flowers, culture and history.   I'll definitely be wandering back there, even if in my mind, this Presidents Day Weekend.  Jefferson after all, was a Francophile as ambassador to France.  Here's to a long weekend of letting your mind wander! 

New and old places on my hot list from 2012:

Le Chateaubriand

Spring & Spring Boutique

Merce & the Muse

Experimental Cocktail Club

Day tripping to the Tattinger & Pommeray tasting room in Reims

Bistrot Paul Bert

La Marine


L'Entree des Artistes 

Au Passage


Du Pain et Des Idees

The experience of Le Chateaubriand

Beauty in shades of grey

Musee D’Orsay | quaint house in Reims | postcards at Merci

Home away from home: Merce & The Muse | can’t go wrong with a wall of champagne | squid & preserved lemon at Bistrot Paul Bert

Spring Boutique…the best bouillon, butter & bread in Paris, hands down

Du Pain et Des Idees’s artisanal bread | my love affair with Parisian flowers | a winding road for wandering

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posted: 02.17.12


Crushing On :: Occhipinti Wines

I'm not sure if it was ironic or simply good timing, but I don't really care either way.  I was plotting a post just last week about one of my absolute favorite winemakers (I'm slightly obsessed), and then who turns up on my doorstep Saturday morning smack in the middle of the New York Times Style Magazine.  Say "bongiorno" to Arianna Occhipinti and Occhipinti wines.  Many thanks to the fantastic Mr. Todd Selby who photoraphed Occhipinti in his NYT feature column, Edible Selby - appropriately titled "Natural Woman."  I discovered Occhipinti's wines - the SP68 Vittoria Rosso to be exact - at L'Artusi (a great Italian spot in the WV) a few years back and I've been hooked ever since.  At 29, Occhipinti is producing some of the most striking wines I've tasted - she's producing in southern Sicily where she's from...and she's doing it using natural biodynamic methods to farm the grapes (read: zero chemicals).  She's a woman with a mission, and I'm fully on board.  

Here's her recipe for grape marmalade as published in T Magazine (insert Italian accent).

1 kg grape moscato

.3 kg sugar

Remove the seeds from the grape and discard it.  After, put the grape in a pot with the sugar and mix by a wood spoon until the fruit changes thanks to the caramelization of the sugar.  When it is dense, put everything into a glass jar when it is hot.  Close and seal.  It is ready.

You'll find Occhipinti wines online and at Astor Wines.  Oh, and of course at L'Artusi thanks to Joey Campanale, owner, beverage director and wine slueth.


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